Crew Hire

Brightworks media can provide a full shooting crew for professional video production, however sometimes our clients are just looking for a single crew member to work alongside them.

Brightworks Media can provide the following experienced, competent production crew:


  • Camera Operator - Includes Sony PMW-200 Camera, Tripod, Shotgun/Radio microphones, tracks, 7ft jib.

  • Lighting Camera Operator - Includes Sony PMW-200 Camera, Tripod, Shotgun/Radio microphones plus selection of Arri/ Dedo/ Redhead lights and Geko light panels.

  • Autocue Operator - Includes 28" autocue/ teleprompter, Sony PMW-200 Camera, Tripod, Microphones, Lighting rig, portable greenscreen (optional)

  • Director - Our experienced director will visualize the script while guiding the technical crew and actors in fulfillment of that vision.

  • Editor- Sit in at our comfortable edit suite in central Bristol and call the shots as our experienced editor works their magic

  • Photographer- With portable studio, whitescreen & lighting if required.

  • Production Assistant- An extra pair of hands will save time and help the production run smoothly.

  • Audio TechnicianOur technician provides sound design, composition, mixing/ mastering, repair and restoration.

  • Hair & Make-upOur talented stylist will get the on-screen talent looking their best for camera.


Our crew consists of tried and tested professionals with a production industry background, and individual showreels are available on request. All crew are fully insured and able to travel. 


Thankyou for your excellent camera work on our latest project. You’ll be glad to hear that the client approved the work first time and this is in no small part due to how well you showed off our work to it’s best advantage.
— Guy Jeffries, Noisy Graphics Ltd


Crew day rates start from £150, with discounts available for registered charities and start-ups. Please contact us for further details