Event Videos

With over 15 Years industry experience, Brightworks Media has produced numerous event videos including coverage for:

  • Conferences

  • Corporate Events

  • Product Launches

  • Fashion Shows

  • Sporting Events

  • Expos

We have a number of experienced camera operators who can record live events, capture testimonials from exhibitors, performers and the public, and package it together for a short, effective web video to help attract visitors and participators for subsequent events.

Event Promotional Video Package

A short video of a conference of event for use on websites and social media.



Seminar Package

If you are running a seminar, or other event where a speaker is giving a talk on their area of expertise, we can film the speaker and edit the talk into a series of bitesize videos suitable for scheduled release on social media, or training purposes. This is a good way to produce a series of explainer videos quickly, easily and cost effectively.



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