We produce engaging promotional videos for business, which provide great way of demonstrating your products or services on your website homepage, social media, or at events. 


Shots of your product/service cut to music with a logo at the front, and contact details at the end. This can be used effectively with cinematic and timelapse tecniques to create an eye-catching "impression" of your business.


White Canvas Tents provides luxury Indian and Bedouin tents for distinctive events across Europe, including Goodwood festival of speed and the Grand National. We have provided WCT with a promotional video, filmed at a society event in the Loire Valley incorporating motion timelapse technology, and complimented with a beautiful set of photographs.


We literally go the extra mile by collecting local area shots and working them in with motion titles to highlight key aspects of your business along with a sprinkling of cinematic and timelapse photography to make a truly eye-catching and engaging video ready for distribution.


LRP Properties is a property development and management company, with centres located across the UK. We produced a series of 9 videos which highlight the key features of each business centre, along with a set of beautiful photographs for use on their brochures.


Our most popular package. As above but scripted. Your business described by the business owner/ member of staff either to camera, or with a voiceover. Your logo will be animated at the start of the video, with a call to action and contact details at the end.


This video is one of a set of 5 videos produced for the Berkeley Centre Health clinic located in Clifton, Bristol, which we produced along with a set of promotional photography.


A concept or themed video with a storyline running throughout is the best way to entertain and engage your viewers, ensuring they watch through to a call to action. The magic happens in pre-production, where we work with you to create a storyboard so you can visualise how the final video will look

Example - CLOUD 9 COMBAT

This video was produced for creative agency "The London Gentleman", promoting a new line in C9 camouflage smoke and thunderflash grenades- marketed to paintball centres across the UK.

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