Online video is typically used as part of a marketing mix, to help customers along their buying journey .

Here are some examples of how online video can be applied at various stages of the buying process:


Home page Promotional Video/ Showreel

 This provides awareness and interest with a great first impression- typically a montage of clips to music, topped and tailed with a logo and call to action.


Social Media Soundbites

 A collection of short 1 minute clips, topped and tailed with a logo and call to action, designed to be released periodically on social media. Used effectively, these will help keep you front of mind within your contact circle.



Testimonial Videos

Testimonials cut with clips of you in action provide proof and reassurance to customers considering booking your services.



Lead Magnet

Access to a video unlocked via entering an email address- Positioned for people close to booking who want to "dip in" to one of your talks.  


Video Content Packages

Video is a great way of digitising existing content to sell as video series, or support existing training packages.  Here are some sample packages:


Video Mini-series

6x 5 minute videos. Ideal for Video FAQs, Tips + Tricks, How To Videos, Lead magnets.

Produce a series of short videos for your marketing online. Provide us with a script, and drop in to our greenscreen studio in Bristol or Leicester and we can deliver a short video mini-series of 6 x 5 minute videos. We can animate slides in to the background while you talk.

A make-up artist and refreshments will be provided.

These videos will provide 6 months of highly engaging social media content, that will raise awareness and build your credibility.


Short course from workshop

Join the growing number of consultants who generate additional revenue online with their training courses.

You can transform an existing course or workshop into a digital version for distribution onlie.

Brightworks Media will film you for up to 8 hours with the full HD camera and lighting setup. Deliver an existing course to clients, or just to camera, and we will edit it together to provide an e-learning course. The material can be used in various ways, for example a 12 part e-learning course, or 24-part social media campaign to provide video content for a year.


Training/ e-learning Videos - Prices on request

Fully produced training/ e-learning videos produced with autocue and greenscreen

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