Professional Speaker Videos + Showreels


Online video is typically used as part of a marketing mix, to help speakers get booked.

Below are some examples of how online video can be applied at various stages of the buying process:


Speaker Showreel

 This provides awareness and interest with a great first impression.

"Peter provided me with a full video of my presentation and a three minute showreel. 
The way he put the showreel together meant that it flowed smoothly and was an easy and compelling view. The feedback to the short video has been fantastic."

Andy Lopata


Social Media Soundbites

 A collection of short 1 minute clips, topped and tailed with a logo and call to action, designed to be released periodically on social media. 

"I have just spent 2 hours watching them on my Youtube channel and creating some social media messages … they are my best snippets ever! Love the music. Thank you so much"

Celynn Erasmus

Testimonial Videos

Testimonials cut with clips of you in action provide proof and reassurance to customers considering booking your services.

"Great quality, and it was Peter's idea to go round and get video testimonials- which I couldn't have done, as people say different things when it's you! Good value and very professional and timely service. Recommended."

Celia Delaney


Lead Magnets

Access to a video unlocked via entering an email address- Positioned for people close to booking who want to "dip in" to one of your talks.  

"The multi camera angles, crisp sound and brilliant attention to detail were absolutely superb.  I was delighted with the final version. Video is the biggest key in this industry to unlocking future bookings"

Geoff Ramm

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