Brightworks Media is a Video Production company specializing in corporate, training and promotional videos.

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Training Videos

Join the growing number of consultants who generate additional revenue online with training courses. We produce e-learning videos, and other forms of training video content, produced from existing material

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Speaker Showreels

Make it easier for clients to book you by providing them with a short speaker showreel.                                                                                                                                            

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Corporate Video

We provide training and instruction videos, internal communications, report results, online presentations for services and products, and events coverage               

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Autocue & Greenscreen

Our greenscreen service -often used alongside our autocue/ teleprompter package- provides a great method of placing graphics behind a presenter, which is often used for instructional and training videos.

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Event Videos

We film business events- capturing all the action along with testimonials and produce short, effective web videos to help attract visitors and participators for subsequent events

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Videos for Business

We provide engaging videos for business, which are are great way of demonstrating your products or services online, and reaching out to your target audience through social media.

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